Cancer Stem Cell

Cancer is defined as the abnormal growth of cells that possesses the ability to spread to other cells and tissues. Cancer is one of the major illness which it seemed to be more prevalent all over the world. Even though the death rate and peoples suffering from these diseases are in greater number in recent years. There are over 200 variety of types of cancer across the globe. The death rate increasing year-by-year due to this disease even in developed countries. Cancer Stem Cells (CSCs) are a small population of cells inside tumors with capabilities of self-renewal, differentiation, and tumorigenicity once transplanted into an animal host. The CSC hypothesis thus doesn't imply that cancer is always caused by stem cells or that the potential application of stem cells to treat conditions like cardiovascular disease or diabetes which is able to result in tumor formation. Rather, tumor-initiating cells possess stem-like characteristics to a degree sufficient to warrant the comparison with stem cells along with the observed experimental and clinical behaviors of metastatic cancer cells are extremely resembling the classical properties of stem cells

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