Nanotechnology In Stem Cells

Stem cell nanotechnology has emerged as a brand-new exciting field. Experimental and theoretical studies of interaction between nanostructures or nanomaterials and stem cells have made great advances. The importance of nanomaterials, nanostructures, and nanotechnology to the basic developments in stem cells-based therapies for injuries and degenerative diseases has been recognized. Apart from tracking the localization of stem cells, nanotechnology has improved targetability, half-life, and stability of stem cells by providing a suitable microenvironment. In particular nanomaterials have played a significant role in the isolation and proliferation or differentiation of stem cells and intracellular delivery of small and macromolecules within stem cells. In this field over the past few years, explore the application prospects, and discuss the issues, approaches and challenges, with the aim of rising application of nanotechnology in the stem cells research and development.

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