Stem Cell Banking

Stem cell banking is the extraction, processing and storage of stem cells which can used for treatment when required. Stem cells have the amazing power to transform into any tissue or organ in the body. It is due to this unique characteristic that they have the potential to treat over 80 life threatening diseases, and provide numerous benefits to the baby, its siblings and the family. There are variety of sources from where stem cells can be banked, with the most common amongst them being the umbilical cord. Cord blood banking is that the extraction of stem cells from the umbilical cord. This is done during childbirth and is a fast, hassle free and painless procedure. While, the umbilical cord and cord blood are the foremost common sources of stem cells - the Placenta, amniotic sac and amniotic fluid are by far the richest sources, in terms of both - quantity and quality. Some other rich sources of stem cells are Placenta, Umbilical Cord, Amniotic Fluid, Dental Stem Cells, Menstrual Fluid, Adipose Tissue and Bone Marrow.

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